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Project Aware Diver

A Distinctive Specialty Course

Offered Exclusively at Kelly's On The Bay!

This two – three day course is designed to teach Certified Divers to develop the skills necessary to identify and measure the health of specific coral groups and develop a monitoring system to provide continued evaluation of the health of the surveyed reef. Training consists of at least 8 hours of classroom and 2 Dive trips on the Reefs.

Divers who are interested in reef conservation are needed to assist in the low-tech monitoring of coral reefs worldwide and to provide their recorded observations to the Center for Marine Conservation. CMC will distribute and share this critical information with other existing programs like REEF, Reef Check, Reef Keepers International and government organizations monitoring the status of the world's reefs.

Project Aware Diver is a low-tech, monitoring protocol developed by CMC Recon Department for divers with an interest in reef conservation. This Specialty Training combined with the co-operation of CMC Recon Department's goals are to educate divers about coral reefs, and recruit them to help assess the health of stony corals and other important reef organisms at designated survey sites.

Join CMCInterested in the Health of the Ocean and its Global indications to the health of our home – Mother Earth? You will love this exciting, informative class. Become a Project Aware Specialty Diver and assist in restoring the health of our oceans and humankind's future. Students successfully completing this class will receive PADI Specialty Certification, a specialty credit towards Master Diver and a RECON Diver Card issued by CMC.

Minimum Requirements:
Open Water Diver,
15 years of age,
not less than 10 logged
dives and good buoyancy skills.

Call us, or sign up for this class with our Office Staff or the Director of Training.

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