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Preserve the underwater environment
Become an Environmental Diver

As a caring diver, you can learn to protect the underwater environment that we value so highly, and perfect your skills and knowledge at the same time. Our Coral Reefs are visited by thousands upon thousands of divers, snorkelers and boats each year. It only takes one touch to forever damage the coral that provides a home for all the creatures that we hope to see when we dive on the reef. The courses that make up this package will help you improve your buoyancy skills and learn to identify the huge variety of fish and animal life that make the reef their home. You will come away with a better understanding of the fragile nature of coral reefs, and you will be a better diver. Isn't that what we all want?

The Environmental Diver Package consists of three PADI Specialty courses:

AWARE Fish ID: This program, developed by PADI and R.E.E.F. is designed to introduce divers to the families and species of fish found in our waters. Divers learn fish identification and scientific survey techniques and the importance of personal involvement in the conservation of the aquatic environment.

Peak Performance Buoyancy: The goal of this course is to enhance the diver's buoyancy control techniques through the development of knowledge and practical skills.

Underwater Naturalist: This course is a further introduction to the aquatic environment and safe, natural interaction with aquatic life.

This package is accomplished during six open water dives on the reef. Materials that are included are membership in R.E.E.F. and a Fish Identification chart to be used underwater during these and later dives. Identification of reef fish is enhanced by a series of slides that will help you learn to differentiate species and remember names.

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